A good harvest

Itai is happy. It was hard work but I am very happy for my grandson. We can finally pay the school fees. His dream is to be a doctor.

The maize will rot

Rain in winter? Nobody expected this. The maize has to get to the market quickly. Otherwise it will be worthless!

I need a truck, now!

Everyone is looking for a truck. All local drivers are booked and the prices are going higher and higher. But at this price I will not earn any money.

How will I pay for the school fees?

I do not have the money. I will have to take Itai out of school. He will be so sad. It will destroy his dreams.

But wait – this old friend told me about an app for my phone called Agrishare. They also offer transportation. This is my last chance.

Signing up is easy

I can see trucks on the map and I can see all the prices. They are much lower! This could save me a lot of money. I have to take this opportunity.

It is not too late

The truck is on time and Itai helps load the maize. All we can do is hope that the market price will be good.

Itai is Everything to me

Comparing prices on AgriShare has saved me a lot of money! I am so happy that I can send Itai back to school. I know he will be a great doctor – some day soon.


Here we need the value proposition in one line.