Finally a good Harvest ...

… this year. Gogo MaDube is happy. This is enough to pay the school fees for her granddaughter!

Nobody expected this...

… rain in the winter. The maize will get wet and has to quickly get to the market. Otherwise it will rott and be worthless!

Everyone needs transportation...

… at the same time. All farmers need to transport their harvest to the market. Gogo calls her local truck drivers but everyone is already fully booked. 

It seems like the only option is calling an empty truck from the city. This will cost double the rate!

Gogo can’t afford to pay…

… this much money for transportation. The school fees have to be paid. But what can Gogo do?

Then she remembers: An old friend told Gogo about this app called Agrishare that provides transportation. What has Gogo got to lose?

Signing up is really easy...

… and Gogo can see that there are some trucks available. She even sees the prices and they are so much lower! If Gogo wants her granddaughter to go to school she has to try this.

The Truck arrives..

… on time and everyone helps loading the truck. If the maize arrives at the market today it might be saved. After paying the driver Gogo can only hope.

Gogo saved a lot of money…

… on transportation so that she can finally pay all the school fees. From now on Gogo will always compare prices on AgriShare before booking transportation to the market.

Gogo MaDube on her field.


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