My parents sat me on a boat and hoped I survive

Heavy rain fell on our field for weeks. Except for a bowl of rice with lentils there was nothing to eat – for all of us. My parents could not feed me anymore. The boat left and…

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I arrived at the port in Dhaka - and stayed here

Hundreds of thousands of street children live and work on the streets of Dhaka. I carry freight onto boats to earn a living. Sometimes I get paid, sometimes I get beaten and chased away.

When the boats leave, I look for something to eat

The money usually only buys me one large meal and the exhausting work makes me hungry. I meet other streetchildren in our hideout. My friends are my family, we share what we have. If someone can’t find work, he doesn’t stay hungry.

For the last weeks, very few boats arrive at the port

We can’t find work and have no food. My friends argue and fight all the time. I can’t bear the hunger for much longer. Nobody shares with me – we all don’t have anything.

The doors are locked

The port closed. There is no work and we have nothing to eat.  No one is allowed to be on the streets. The police chase us away from wherever we are. I am hungry. I am lost.

But one door stayed open

At LEEDO’s Transitional Shelter I found the only open door. In the shelter people take care of me. Even without working, I get three meals a day. I sleep without fear.

I never want to live on the street again!

The LEEDO staff are trying to locate my parents – but they say the shelter might close soon. I just hope I will be on a boat to my parents when the port reopens.

Please Support LEEDO

Please support LEEDO to run the shelter for the street children of Dhaka in these difficult times.

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Street is no Home

Many children in Bangladesh have no home. LEEDO has been operating a transitional shelter for years, where children can stay. The streetworkers try to reunify children with their parents – if the parent’s situation allows. Otherwise children are welcomed to the LEEDO Peace Home orphanage or referred to a suitable accommodation.

LEEDO’s „Transitional Shelter“ provides help where it is most urgently needed. Due to the Corona Pandemic, many donations from Europe and the USA have been cut off to keep the facility running. The financing is only secured for another month.

Please donate now so that LEEDO can continue to operate the shelter to save the most vulnerable children.

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Illustrations by the fabulous Natalie Bizarreamie